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Top locksmith tips for keeping your property well protected and dealing with key change and maintenance.

  • Replace damaged keys immediately

    Always replace damaged car keys immediately. If they break, you may not be able to start the car.

  • Don’t use too much force

    When you can’t open the lock, you might end up forcing the keys into it. As a result, the key gets broken or stuck in the lock. This is why Westlake Village experts suggest that you have to be softer and more cautious when opening the lock.

  • Make sure your new dead locks are good

    The experts of our Locksmith in Westlake Village suggest dead bolts with an ANSI grade 1 classification which means that the door locks have been tested for their durability and resistance. The strike plates are best to be made of strong steel and have multiple screws.

  • How to choose good dead bolts

    There are many types and brands of dead bolts on the market but you need to make sure the ones you pick have a bolt of at least one inch length. They must secure properly in the frame and the strike plate must also have 4 screws.

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